SA1. Yum Woon Sen*
Clear noodle salad with shrimp, squid & chicken
with green & red onion, peanuts, bean sprout, straw mushroom,
lettuce, cilantro and Thai seasonings.

SA2. Yum Nuer **
Beef salad with green & red onion, cucumber, lettuce, cilantro
and Thai seasonings.

SA3. Chicken Peanut Sauce Salad
Mixed green with cucumber, tomatoes topped chicken in peanut sauce.

SA4. Larb ** (choice of chicken or beef) **
Your choice of grounded chicken or beef with onion, mint leaves, grounded chili,, grounded roasted rice served with mixed green.

SA5. Somtum **
Shredded papaya mixed with tomatoes, chili, peanut, garlic,
and Thai seasoning served with mixed green.

SA6. Naam Tok **
Sliced grilled beef with red onion, lime juice, Thai chili and
grounded roasted Rice served with mixed green.

                                           SA7. Tiger's Cry $10.50
Add $1 extra for shrimp. No MSG added.
Indicated spicy:  *low**medium***hot