S1. Tom Yum *
Choice of shrimp or chicken with lemongrass, onion, mushroom
and Kaffir-lime leaves in clear broth.
bowl $5.75/pot $10.00

S2. Tom Kha
Your choice of chicken, shrimp or tofu with lemongrass,
and Kaffir-lime leaves in coconut-milk broth.
bowl $5.75/pot $10.00

S3. Tom Yum Ta-lay**
Seafood Soup. Combination sea food with lemongrass, onion,
and mushroom in clear broth.
bowl $7.00/pot $12.00

S4. Gaeng Juud Woon Saen
Clear Noodle Soup. Your choice of chicken or tofu
with clear noodle and mixed vegetables.
bowl $5.75/pot $10.00

S5. Wonton Soup
Wonton stuffed with grounded shrimp and chicken
with vegetables in clear broth.
bowl $5.75/pot $10.00
Add $1 extra for shrimp. No MSG added.
Indicated spicy:  *low**medium***hot